Parallax Semiconductor Merger Parallax Semiconductor Merger: returns to the flock

As of 11am PDT on Friday, April 18, 2014, all traffic to will redirect back to

When we launched Parallax Semiconductor in 2011, Parallax faced a much different business landscape. From a business perspective, our successful history in education and hobby meant some professional customers wouldn’t take our multicore chip design capability seriously. While we were reaching to please professional... More

Parallax at 2012 USASEF Parallax Prepares for the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC, April 26-27

Ever seen 30,000 people, mostly kids, all clamoring to get their hands on the most popular Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM) solutions? Two years ago we attended President Obama’s first USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF) in Washington DC ( Over a two-day period we taught 1,500 students how to solder our S2 Robot Badge. I can think of only one other event that wore our... More

The freshly updated Tank Tread Kit goes on a daring robot rescue for National Robotics Week 2014!

In honor of National Robotics Week 2014, Parallax has put together this robot rescue video starring our very own ActivityBot robot and the freshy updated Tank Tread Kit. Robots are out to change the world, gear up and start programming!

... More
Arlo platforms in the workshop Arlo Power Distribution Board for the Arlo Robotic Platform System is Heading to Kitting!

In a prior post, I demonstrated how you can use our ActivityBot C code in our big Arlo platform to quickly and quietly carry loads and also apply classroom robotics for real applications. Imagine having a robot that can drive between your class and the office, one to launch fireworks at sporting events, or carry your computer and smaller robots along for you.

Until today, wiring for any of these was a bit of a time-... More

After their facility tour, students program the S2 robots Recap of a robot-filled visit from Whittenberg Country School
Whittenberg Country School stopped by Friday to tour the Parallax facility and learn to program Scribbler 2 robots. Students ranging in age from 8 to 17 years had a blast programming their S2 robots to navigate around cardboard boxes on the floor. They also programmed the S2 robots to draw geometric patterns on poster boards. Remote-controlled... More