Parallax hosts a robot table at Pride Industries' Client Appreciation Day A Day Filled With PRIDE: Parallax hosts a robot table at PRIDE Industries' Client Appreciation Day

One of the nifty aspects of Parallax’s management is their encouragement to reach out to the local community and “brighten people’s day”. Within reason, we still have to do “real work” too!

Each year Parallax has had the privilege of volunteering for “Client Appreciation Day” at a company known as Pride Industries. Clients are full-blown employees of PRIDE Industries and they, along with other company staffers, produce an amazing amount of products for third-party... More

Brett Weir and the LameStation Brett Weir Shows the LameStation Game System: A complete build-it-yourself educational game programming kit that doesn’t suck at all

There’s nothing lame about Brett Weir’s LameStation game development system. Just to be sure I invited him to Parallax to learn more about his product at Brett’s target audience is education, a customer very close to Parallax’s heart. The LameStation hardware uses a standard Propeller circuit running at regular speed,... More

RFID Tag 70% Price Drop RFID Tag Prices Dropped 70% - And the unfortunate reason they were so high for the last year...

We are immediately dropping prices up to 70% of three of our most popular RFID tags!

How did they get so high? Back in September 2012 we received a letter from an “intellectual property legal company representative” claiming we were infringing on a United States patent pertaining to epoxy encapsulation of our RFID tags. This was quite odd considering we had been sourcing some of these tags from China for at least ten years. ... More

The Hangover III (2013) - Two BASIC Stamp 2 modules appear on the PCB of a wall alarm panel Parallax In Pictures - Our Products Spotted in Movies Throughout the Years

A customer recently noticed a couple of BASIC Stamp 2 modules in the movie The Hangover III and mentioned it to Parallax’s own Chris Savage. This got us thinking about all the times we’ve noticed our products on the big screen over the years. Of course our products get used frequently as the brains of special effects props, but sometimes they creep onto the set to make someone or something look more high tech.

Some Parallax product... More

Compare Parallax's 3 small robot kits We Are Family! Compare Parallax's 3 small robot kits and find the perfect addition to your robotics workshop.

We can't help it. Our small robot aluminum chassis is just so versatile. What started with the initial form-factor of the Boe-Bot (programed in PBASIC) expanded to include the multicore Propeller ActivityBot robot (programmed in C). Now another complete small robot kit has been added to our product lineup, the Robot Shield With Arduino. This new kit includes everything you need to get started... More