Propeller 1 chips in a tray Propeller 2 Schedule Update: The longer we work, the simpler our new multicore design will become

The last time we provided a schedule update for Propeller 2 was in February, 2014. That schedule had us in the foundry this month with samples arriving by the end of October. Today it’s nearly October and we’re nowhere near being ready to submit any design files for fabrication!

The drawback of our transparency about an upcoming product is that all of us must be willing to accept the research and design cycle that accompanies a small company that decides to... More

The Scribbler 2 robot table in the Parallax booth Parallax Exhibits Robots in the Aerojet STEM Education Tent at the 2014 California Capital Airshow at Mather Airport in Sacramento

September 6th and 7th, 2014 - Parallax brought interactive robots to the ninth annual California Capital Airshow this past weekend in Sacramento. This year's Airshow featured military and civilian jet performances, world-class aerobatics, parachute demonstrations, pyrotechnics, vintage aircraft as well as great entertainment, music, food and exhibits along the ramp.

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Melting of plastic around negative springs Melted Boe-Bot Robot Battery Pack? Our behind-the-scenes research to find the source of this elusive problem

Parallax has sold well over a half-million Boe-Bots. It’s one of those products that we consider really mature - every manufacturing detail, documentation, component and source code example have evolved through feedback and testing. You can imagine how it felt to field a call from a high-volume distributor and a school principal who was having battery pack meltdowns in a summer robotics class. Parallax reputation aside, it’s just not the kind of first experience you’d want a young... More

“SciHigh” teacher Andrew Winstead “SciHigh” teacher Andrew Winstead inspires Physics II students with Robot Shield With Arduino Kits in the classroom!

Teacher Andrew Winstead of the New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School recently implemented Parallax robots into his Physics II curriculum. We applaud his success!


“My name is Andrew Winstead and I work at New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School, otherwise known as "Sci High." I was hired in the fall of 2013 to teach Algebra II and Physics II. This is my 5th year in the classroom with... More

PAM-7Q GPS modules New U-Blox PAM-7Q GPS is a Complete Solution: We’ve consolidated our GPS selection into a single product!

You’ve probably seen them on Parallax and other web sites: GPS “comparison charts” and “buying guides”. This makes it really difficult to make a decision, not to mention the conclusions become dated as technology improves. Our goal with products like GPS modules is to stock the single model we find the most useful to the widest variety of customers. Putting our effort behind a single product means we can support it in the best possible way with documentation,... More