Scouts were treated to presentations on robotics, safety and careers to help fulfill merit badge requirements. Parallax Crew Teaches Robotics at Scout Expo at Beale Air Force Base

On Saturday September 29th the Parallax crew headed north with the PBASIC van fully loaded to Beale Air Force for the Scout Expo, an event for over 5,000 Boy Scouts from the Sacramento Valley area.

The base had many of their spectacular planes on display. The Boy Scouts who visited the Parallax area were treated to presentations on safety, origins of robotics and inventing with electronics to fulfill some of the requirements of the Robotics Merit Badge. Scouts were able to compete... More

Demonstrating with the Propeller Boe-Bot Engineering Manager Jessica Travels to Prague for Robotics in Education 2012

One of my favorite aspects of my job is my ability to travel to all sorts of interesting places. I love meeting people and talking to them about Parallax and our awesome products.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd Annual Robotics in Education Conference at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic as an invited speaker. In attendance were teachers from over 20 different countries, presenting on topics ranging from the unnaturalness of technology to types of... More

Kevin and Nick from our Tech Support team quickly joined in with the Make engineers to talk 3D printing. Parallax Roadtrip to Make Headquarters

The Parallax team jumped in the van on Wednesday September 5th and headed to the O’Reilly Media headquarters in Sebastopol, California to spend the day with the Make team.

After an easy drive over from the Parallax headquarters in Rocklin we headed upstairs for a tour of the Make offices. Kevin and Nick from our Tech Support team quickly joined in with the Make engineers to talk 3D printing.

After the tour we headed out to the back lawn to fly ELEV-8 quadcopters for the... More

Celebrating Parallax's Silver Anniversary

Today (September 4, 2012) is Parallax's 25th Anniversary. Us Parallaxians will celebrate here at headquarters, and we have some smashing specials for you to enjoy (because you are the reason we are still here today).

I arrived at Parallax 15 years ago, fresh out of University. I was interviewed by two tall trees (Ken Gracey and Jeff Martin), and was immediately in awe at how fun a workplace could be. I still am. There are so many talented and smart people... More

Even the museum staff learned how to solder our Scribbler 2 LED badge. Parallax Teaches Kids about Robots and Soldering at the Sacramento Discovery Museum

This past weekend the Parallax crew put on a robotics showcase at the Discovery Museum and Science Center in Sacramento, California. Robot playpens were filled battling Sumo-Bots, line-following Scribbler 2’s as well as autonomous and remote controlled Boe-Bots. Parallaxians Matt and Andy gave mini programming lessons and presented on topics such safety and careers in robotics. Outside those that were brave enough to face the scorching temperatures learned how to solder by making their... More