Even the museum staff learned how to solder our Scribbler 2 LED badge. Parallax Teaches Kids about Robots and Soldering at the Sacramento Discovery Museum

This past weekend the Parallax crew put on a robotics showcase at the Discovery Museum and Science Center in Sacramento, California. Robot playpens were filled battling Sumo-Bots, line-following Scribbler 2’s as well as autonomous and remote controlled Boe-Bots. Parallaxians Matt and Andy gave mini programming lessons and presented on topics such safety and careers in robotics. Outside those that were brave enough to face the scorching temperatures learned how to solder by making their... More

The Parallax team at the end of production before heading to Las Vegas. Parallax Manufactures Electronic Badges for DEFCON 20

The DEFCON 20 Badge was designed and manufactured for the largest continuously running hacker and computer security convention in the world This year's DEFCON is a four-day technical session held at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, founded and run by Jeff Moss (DarkTangent). Ryan Clarke (LostboY) designed this year’s badge as a core part of the hacking contest. Jon Williams authored the core code objects. Parallax manufactured... More

EEWeb Features Parallax President Ken Gracey as a Featured Engineer

Ken Gracey - President of Parallax

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How did you get into electronics/ engineering and when did you start?

My electronics experience is actually very informal. To better understand my background I should tell you about my brother, Chip Gracey (Director of R&D, the brains... More

First experience with the S2. Parallax President Ken Gracey gets Hands-on Teaching Robotics

Don’t just sit at your desk, Ken! Volunteer!

Fifteen years ago we started Stamps in Class so this year I decided it was important to get more experience with students who use Parallax’s education program, and to share more of what we’ve created. Considering my own kids are at this age I figured it was now or never – start the program before they reach high school and it would become established by the time they arrived. And truthfully, most of our team’s... More

Jessica ran the Parallax Serial Terminal test on the S2 robots. Parallax President and Managers visit Chinese Factory to Ensure Quality

Since our Chinese factory was finishing up another 3,500 Scribbler 2 robots last month, we decided to personally inspect the shipment to have the extra confidence that every robot worked correctly. A manufacturing run waiting in China would bring our total S2 build to 13,500 units. With lots of inventory at stake, Parallax Hong Kong staff John Zhou, Raymond Xiao, and Aristides Alvarez took Jessica Uelmen (Engineering Manager) and myself to the Shenzhen factory to do our own tests.

... More