DIY Portable Radio

Eddie robots are moving, RadioShack shipment went out, and we've been rocking along on portable radios made using the P8X32A QuickStart board and FM Radio module. We love the QuickStart board and we really want to show off its capabilities; we're producing documentation, guides, and other... More

Mounting the PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors Eddie Build Party!

It’s Friday, Friday, time for an Eddie Build Party! Everyone’s looking forward to this robot, robot.

For the last two days, Parallaxians have been busy assembling Eddies to prepare for our ship date next week. We’ve got a top-notch assembly team who has the assembly process down to a science - pooling resources from almost every department to get this job done.

The process starts with building the Motor Mount & Wheel and Caster Wheel kits before moving on to mounting them... More

Setting up the booth Return from Maker Faire NY, 2011

Well, we're back from Maker Faire NY, 2011 and we didn't come back empty handed. Jessica Uelmen won a Makey Award for her extensive series of educational videos released over the last few years, and although she is now our Engineering Manager, she will still take time out to create videos and other documentation to promote electronic education. These videos are all available online to view and share on our... More

Makey awards Parallax - Makey Winner of the Best Education/Outreach Program!

We are very excited to announce that Parallax has won the Makey Award for the best Education/Outreach program!

Jessica Uelmen, Parallax Engineering Manager, is particularly skilled at creating engaging, step-by-step video tutorials. She shows how to get started with fun, “Do it Yourself” electronics projects. Using Parallax Education products such as the popular BASIC Stamp Activity Kit, Jessica introduces the basics of breadboarding, wiring circuits from... More