Ken Gracey spending time teaching. Introduce an Educator to Parallax

Many of your interests were developed at a young age. Take my brother Chip, for example. In the early 80’s the Timex Sinclair, Commodore 64, VIC-20, and Apple II computers captured his attention. Add in some trips to RadioShack, pizza and Pepsi, and a very productive engineering career was hatched by age 12. The following years brought video game design, software cracking, PIC programming tools, the BASIC Stamp, the Propeller – well, you already know the story.

Chances are somebody... More

Our first Summer Hangout June 27th, 2013. Hang out with us this Summer!

Last Thursday June 27th, Parallax hosted the first in its series of Summer Hangouts. Members from the local community escaped the summer heat by coming out to the Parallax HQ in Rocklin, CA for refreshments, speakers and a chance to show off their last project or get help from other community members and Parallax staff.

Parallax president Ken Gracey gave a brief update on the Propeller 2 development cycle and unveiled his large Super-8 quadcopter. After a brief flight demo he passed... More

Parallax table router. Take a tour inside Parallax!

Have you ever wanted a private tour of the Parallax headquarters but haven’t been able to make it to Rocklin, California? Well, you’re in luck! Parallax president Ken Gracey opens the doors and takes you on a guided tour of our in-house manufacturing.

Come take a look and see the machines that crank out all the products we are proud to label Made in the U.S.A!


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Hungry, anyone? Parallax Visits Japan

It’s no secret that I, Jessica Uelmen, have a great love for anime and kawaii things. So it was really a dream come true when Ken and I boarded a plane to Tokyo. This was a first trip to Japan for both of us, and there was a lot of ground to cover!

First we met with our translator, Kamada-san, who did a fantastic job showing us the sights in Akihabara. Kamada-san made us feel very welcome, with tours of local otaku shops, the gigantic Yodobashi Akiba department store and a delicious... More

Dr. Leri thanks us with a special certificate of appreciation. Parallax Recognized for Contribution to Education

Parallax is Formally Recognized for Educational Contribution

Today was an exciting day – Parallax, myself, and a special science teacher Trent Kirschner were recognized at a Tahoe Truckee Unified School District (TTUSD) Board Meeting for the contribution we made to the North Tahoe Middle School and North Tahoe High School technology program.

This is my second year of volunteering in the middle school, usually an hour every day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday unless business... More