Sherice and mountains of packages ready to ship Shipping over a thousand packages!
Thank you to all of our customers who’ve placed more than a thousand on-line orders since Cyber Monday! Our shipping department has done an amazing triage with a variety of circumstances, including: international destinations with customs paperwork, distributor stocking orders, and special packages for our growing Asian educational customer base. Robin, Kyle, Sherice, and Jen are like a well-coordinated orchestra with each person knowing how to work with and around... More
Traveling robot headed to Maker Faire The Value of Silly
Maybe it is a touch of sleep deprivation after meeting a big deadline. Or perhaps my thin professional veneer wears through in spots to expose what’s underneath.  But the truth is, though I take my responsibilities at Parallax very seriously, once in a while I get just plain silly.  If you see a small Parallax robot hitch-hiking, wearing a hat, or simply reading the paper, it’s likely my “silly... More
The Milling Room Machine Shop News: Swivel Block
Parallax has an incredible in-house machine shop to build robotic components. Right now we are milling the swivel block, one of the three milled components used to make our Caster Wheel Kit used in the Arlo Robotic Platform System.
The swivel block requires three operations to complete.  In photo #2 you can see the first and second operations running in our HAAS Super Mini Mill in two separate vises in one program. Many of our... More
Ventilation from laser cutter Laser Room Control System
Parallax houses two lasers in a small confined room in the warehouse. One laser has a 24 x 36" bed, while the other is a 36 x 48" monster. Both lasers are used to cut many different parts that become pieces of our kits and product offerings. Lasers produce fumes that must be extracted from the... More
Adapter PCB included Hitec Aurora Joystick and Adapter PCB
You’ll notice that Parallax doesn’t resell too many electronic accessories and components. This is because we only sell products that we agree to support on the phone and with well-written documentation. We also want our accessories to be quick to integrate into your project, which is why some accessories take a pass through our own manufacturing facility for an adapter PCB, headers and any signal/power conditioning needed to make the component easy to use. In other words, when we... More