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We Are Family! Compare Parallax's 3 small robot kits and find the perfect addition to your robotics workshop.

  • By: Jen Jacobs Published: 02 July, 2014 1 comments

We can't help it. Our small robot aluminum chassis is just so versatile. What started with the initial form-factor of the Boe-Bot (programed in PBASIC) expanded to include the multicore Propeller ActivityBot robot (programmed in C). Now another complete small robot kit has been added to our product lineup, the Robot Shield With Arduino. This new kit includes everything you need to get started programming an Arduino-based robot and for a limited time, it's only $149.99.

So...which robot should you get? Great question. We've built a comparison chart to make your decision simpler.

Page 2 of the comparison chart shows which robot add-ons each one can use. You can also see the collection of compatible products for each robot on these pages: