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Making the ActivityBot

  • By: Lauren Davis Published: 02 June, 2014 0 comments

Don’t miss this dynamic video following the ActivityBot from creation to customer. The short story starts at Parallax headquarters, giving you a glimpse inside the manufacturing facility where the Propeller Activity Board is created and the robot parts are kitted. Next, the robot is received by a customer, unboxed, and assembled. You will see the ActivityBot in action, running different applications and even venturing outdoors sporting some Add-On hardware.  Finally, it is tucked back in its box until next time.

The ActivityBot is Parallax’s most capable educational robot.  A sequel to the popular Boe-Bot Robot used in schools worldwide, the ActivityBot features C language programming with the multi-core Propeller microcontroller. Beginner-level experiments give students hands-on experience with robot building, wiring circuits, and robotics navigation.  Free software web tutorials and classroom challenges are available online, and schools receive an Educational Discount at any quantity.  More about the ActivityBot.  

Lauren Davis | Director of Sales & Marketing