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Introducing Parallax products in the Greek educational community

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 29 April, 2014 0 comments

The Greek educational community has been starting to take robotics more seriously.  Robotics competitions, seminars, and technological festivals and events are some of the steps being taken in this direction. 

Last month the Greek National Computer Teachers Association (annex of Patras) “PEKAP” organized a robotics seminar including various topics like Lego robots, Parallax, and Arduino.  It was a great opportunity for me to introduce Greek informatics teachers to the Parallax robotics!

One day of the seminar (13 of March 2014) was the “Parallax” day. In a five-hour course teachers had the opportunity to take a “taste” from Parallax’s advanced technology. They used the S2 GUI to program the S2 robot to go certain distances, roam avoiding obstacles, follow a light, and scribble images.  They also saw the Boe-Bot and ActivityBot perform similar activities. Although participants were completely new to robotics, they were amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the S2 robot and GUI!  In a few hours they were able to program the S2 on their own.

They also got a great feeling of satisfaction as they achieved to scribble the acronym of PEKAP “ΠΑΚΑΠ” using the S2 and following steps from Jessica’s video "Scribble Your Name with the S2 Robot” and my Parallax Forum post with an included Excel file that creates spin code for S2, from coordinates.

Three weeks later I had the opportunity to demonstrate Parallax products at another event, the “4th Digital Creation Student's Festival” that took place on 3-4 of April in the First General Lyceum of Patras!  I organized a workshop with Parallax products, mostly with the S2 robot. The students that attended the festival were from all grades of education, from primary school to the Lyceum.  In my workshop I had students from all these grades.  I was totally impressed from the comprehension of the little students! At the end of the 1-hour workshop they scribbled a rectangle with no help and no robotics background!

The festival was also a great opportunity for me to present my latest creation: “The Artist” robot. I pressed myself to finish the robot 2-3 days before in order to take it with me to the festival.  The Artist was a great attraction as it was roaming near people while avoiding obstacles and passersby and speaking using Andy's Arlo Drive code and Arlo IR Controlled Navigation and Speaking with WAV files.

-- Written by Nikos Giannakopoulos: Teacher, 3rd General Lyceum of Patras  (Patras, Achaia, Greece)