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Round LEDs are SO last season...introducing new rectangular LEDs!

  • By: Jessica Uelmen Published: 21 April, 2014 3 comments

Throughout my development of Stamps in Class Mini Projects and training of teachers and students, I've had one constant pet peeve: the LED Fan-Effect.

The "LED Fan-Effect" occurs when attempting to line up three or more T 1-3/4 circular LEDs in the same breadboard row. The diameter of each of these LEDs is too wide to fit neatly and as a result the LEDs splay across the breadboard. The result is messy and displeasing to the eye, yet unavoidable.

Until now!

During a trip to the Shenzhen, China component market last year, we discovered the most amazing solution: small, flat, rectangular LEDs that line up perfectly in a breadboard row. And as a bonus, the lights are super bright, clear, and gorgeously colored.

If you're like me and hate the LED fan effect, consider picking up a 10-pack in either red, blue, or cyan! I promise you won't be disappointed.

- Jessica Uelmen, Director of Strategic Operations, Parallax Inc.



Rectangular LEDs aren't un-common and I have been using them for decades. These are brighter than the rectangular LEDs I'm used to and this is an improvement.

The wavelength listed for the all 3 colors is listed as 495-500 nm. I believe the 495-500 nm is for the cyan LEDs. What is the wavelength for the red & blue?

Are these available in emerald green or true green? Cyan doesn't lend itself well to RGB type of projects where you want to create a full range of colors.

Thank you

While rectangular LEDs have been commonplace for hackers, hobbyists, experimenters and engineers, they are a new thing for Parallax since we have only ever really carried the standard T1-3/4 round LEDs in a few colors.

As for the wavelengths you are correct. The cyan wavelength has been applied to the red and blue LEDs. Jessica will be back in Parallax on Wednesday and I will let her know about this so we may get them updated. Unfortunately we do not have additional colors available at this time.

The wavelength and luminous intensity values for the blue and red rectangular LED 10-packs has been fixed. Nice catch, and thank you!