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Parallax Semiconductor Merger: ParallaxSemiconductor.com returns to the flock

  • By: Jessica Uelmen Published: 18 April, 2014 0 comments

As of 11am PDT on Friday, April 18, 2014, all traffic to parallaxsemiconductor.com will redirect back to parallax.com.

When we launched Parallax Semiconductor in 2011, Parallax faced a much different business landscape. From a business perspective, our successful history in education and hobby meant some professional customers wouldn’t take our multicore chip design capability seriously. While we were reaching to please professional customers, big chip manufacturers were also making efforts to reach more of what we already had - creative customers, active forums and entrepreneurial designs in emerging technology applications. Since then, the professional and hobby uses have merged significantly and there’s less business need for having two distinctly different appearances. After all, we’re a single, small company.

We also launched the Parallax Semiconductor model because our main www.parallax.com commerce site was starting a major redesign and we didn’t want to put our energy into content that would have to be moved again.

Today, thanks to the hard work by our web development and marketing teams, we have a new ecommerce site that is capable of supporting all customer types. As a result, it makes sense to host all information related to Parallax and the Propeller chip in one centralized location.

We have integrated all unique content from Parallax Semiconductor to the parallax.com site. Application notes can be found through the search system, or in the downloads tab for the Propeller QuickStart. Customer success stories were moved to their own page. All other verbiage and information has been updated across informational pages on parallax.com.

Parallax will also continue to provide FAE support to engineers and entrepreneurs looking to design the Propeller into their products. Please direct any requests to FAE@parallax.com.

We hope you’re as excited about this change as we are, but feel free to share any questions or concerns in the comments below!

- Jessica Uelmen, Director of Strategic Operations, Parallax Inc.