Participants of the Greek National Computer Teachers Association robotics seminar with the S2 Introducing Parallax products in the Greek educational community

The Greek educational community has been starting to take robotics more seriously.  Robotics competitions, seminars, and technological festivals and events are some of the steps being taken in this direction. 

Last month the Greek National Computer Teachers Association (annex of Patras) “PEKAP” organized a robotics seminar including various topics like Lego robots, Parallax, and Arduino.  It was a great opportunity for me to introduce Greek informatics teachers to the Parallax... More

The dreaded ‘LED Fan-Effect’. Due to size, it’s impossible to fit round LEDs neatly in the same breadboard row. Round LEDs are SO last season...introducing new rectangular LEDs!

Throughout my development of Stamps in Class Mini Projects and training of teachers and students, I've had one constant pet peeve: the LED Fan-Effect.

The "LED Fan-Effect" occurs when attempting to line up three or more T 1-3/4 circular LEDs in the same breadboard row. The diameter of each of these LEDs is too wide to fit neatly and as a result the LEDs splay across the breadboard. The result is messy and displeasing to the eye, yet unavoidable.

Until now... More

Parallax Semiconductor Merger Parallax Semiconductor Merger: returns to the flock

As of 11am PDT on Friday, April 18, 2014, all traffic to will redirect back to

When we launched Parallax Semiconductor in 2011, Parallax faced a much different business landscape. From a business perspective, our successful history in education and hobby meant some professional customers wouldn’t take our multicore chip design capability seriously. While we were reaching to please professional... More

Parallax at 2012 USASEF Parallax Prepares for the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC, April 26-27

Ever seen 30,000 people, mostly kids, all clamoring to get their hands on the most popular Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM) solutions? Two years ago we attended President Obama’s first USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF) in Washington DC ( Over a two-day period we taught 1,500 students how to solder our S2 Robot Badge. I can think of only one other event that wore our... More

The freshly updated Tank Tread Kit goes on a daring robot rescue for National Robotics Week 2014!

In honor of National Robotics Week 2014, Parallax has put together this robot rescue video starring our very own ActivityBot robot and the freshy updated Tank Tread Kit. Robots are out to change the world, gear up and start programming!

... More