The robotics tent was always busy. Parallax Expo was a Huge Success!

The Parallax Robotics and Microcontrollers Expo occurred this past week (April 13 & 14) and it was a blast! The news spread throughout the community and we had over 2,000 visitors who stopped by to help us celebrate National Robotics Week. Our farthest travelers came from Asia!

There was something for everyone at the expo. Kids learned to solder and created fun LED badges at our soldering station. Boy Scouts worked towards the ‘Robotics’ Merit Badge by observing and playing with... More

Pre-flight lineup of the Parallax fleet including the ELEV-8, the Hex, and the Y-Six! Parallax Takes to the Skies at Lunch

In an effort to finalize our plans for our Expo next week, the entire Parallax team headed over to the nearby field for some ELEV-8 quadcopter festivities yesterday at lunch. Our fearless pilots took to the sky to test out our combat competition (streamer cutting) as well as the balloon popping challenge. We even got a chance to see the experimental designs Tech Support has been cooking up.

You can check out more exciting quadcopter action at next weekend’s Parallax Robotics and... More

Setting up for the Parallax Expo What's Cooking at Parallax? The Expo of Course!

Hi Parallax Customers,

If you’ve been wondering what’s keeping us busy at Parallax this month, I can tell you, it’s the upcoming Parallax Robotics and Microcontrollers Expo. We’re so excited about this event and April 13th and 14th is right around the corner. The interest in our event so far has been overwhelming and we can hardly wait to show our fellow robotics enthusiasts, school groups and community all the awesome things we do here everyday at Parallax. The event has gotten so... More

DIY Portable Radio

Eddie robots are moving, RadioShack shipment went out, and we've been rocking along on portable radios made using the P8X32A QuickStart board and FM Radio module. We love the QuickStart board and we really want to show off its capabilities; we're producing documentation, guides, and other... More

Mounting the PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensors Eddie Build Party!

It’s Friday, Friday, time for an Eddie Build Party! Everyone’s looking forward to this robot, robot.

For the last two days, Parallaxians have been busy assembling Eddies to prepare for our ship date next week. We’ve got a top-notch assembly team who has the assembly process down to a science - pooling resources from almost every department to get this job done.

The process starts with building the Motor Mount & Wheel and Caster Wheel kits before moving on to mounting them... More