Starting ceremony at Xi'an Technology Exposition in China. Parallax Selling to Shaanxi Universities with RobotC China

Over the last 15 years I've visited China at least once a year, mostly for supply issues. But the purpose of my travel has changed in recent years - Parallax moved most of our manufacturing back to the USA and now we're actually selling in China. This August I went to Xi'an to work closely with our distributor Terry Sy of RobotC China. We exhibited with them at the Xi'an Technology Exposition and fully trained their staff.

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Lionhead Bunny 3D printer from Radiant Fabrication. Radiant Fabrication's Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner

As a kid, my brother Chip dreamed of having a manual milling machine and building a jetpack. Yet we worked with Dremel tools, balsa wood, soldering irons, Cox 0.049 engines and speakers. On Saturday we'd make our rounds to collect the stuff for our projects, from hobby stores, surplus shops and a local auction. Later we discovered computers, but even then could we have envisioned making parts this way? I just don't think so.

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ActivityBot: A History ActivityBot: A History

For as long as I’ve been at Parallax, we’ve been thinking about the perfect Propeller robot for education. We wanted to take full advantage of the Propeller’s multicore architecture while still providing affordable hardware.

With the release of PropGCC, and the development of the Propeller C learning system, we knew we could provide teachers with a simplified version of C that would help their students prepare for college. However, we found ourselves at a pivotal crossroads: DC... More

Ventilation system in our laser cutter room. See Our Propeller Controlled Ventilation System

At Parallax we try to incorporate our products into many of our manufacturing processes. We often create custom testing jigs for our products using our own development boards. Another example of using our own products in-house is our Laser Room Ventilation Control System.

We have two industrial laser cutters - one has a 24 x 36" bed, while the other is a 36 x 48" monster.  We use both to cut many different products and kit parts, such as our ELEV-8 landing gear.Laser cutters produce... More

ETNZ's AC72, NZL5 runs drills prior to meeting Oracle Racing in the America's Cup. Copyright Chris Cameron 2013. Propeller Chips onboard America's Cup Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand

The America's Cup, the oldest trophy in the sporting world, is the pinnacle of achievement in the competitive sailing world. After a dominant performance in the Louis Vuitton Cup against the Italian team Luna Rossa, Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) earned its place as this year's America's Cup Challenger. Racing against America's Cup Defender Oracle Team USA, started this past weekend in the San Francisco Bay. ETNZ quickly showed they were a force to be reckoned with by taking the first 3... More