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Me on the raft at the last Summer Hangout. Building My Own Solar Powered Raft

This summer I hosted the Parallax Summer Hangouts. The purpose of the hangout was to create a support environment, where people could bring in their projects and gather ideas and assistance from the people that attended. I really wanted to have a project of my own that would be perfect for the summer time. So, I decided to create a homemade raft. It started off with a couple of... More

Parallax founder Chip Gracey speaking on open-source microcontroller development at the 2013 OHS. Chip Gracey, Parallax Founder, Talks Open Source at MIT

It takes a village to raise a microcontroller.  So, how does Chip Gracey design a microcontroller with a small design team?  He involves the entire community.

Chip recently spoke on the topic at the 2013 Open Hardware Summit, held in the Kresge Auditorium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Propeller Microcontroller, and its upcoming successor, are designed for use in open-source hardware applications, and... More

Parallax Manufacturing Crew Thanks to our incredible manufacturing crew
Friday, October 4th is Manufacturing Day! 
Manufacturing Day is a moment when we will have a chance to collectively show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and how important it is to our economy and society.
Parallax is joining other manufacturing companies around the U.S. to celebrate our own manufacturing abilities and our incredible manufacturing staff. We take pride in our work and proud to make some... More
Starting ceremony at Xi'an Technology Exposition in China. Parallax Selling to Shaanxi Universities with RobotC China

Over the last 15 years I've visited China at least once a year, mostly for supply issues. But the purpose of my travel has changed in recent years - Parallax moved most of our manufacturing back to the USA and now we're actually selling in China. This August I went to Xi'an to work closely with our distributor Terry Sy of RobotC China. We exhibited with them at the Xi'an Technology Exposition and fully trained their staff.

Why do they care about robotics... More

Lionhead Bunny 3D printer from Radiant Fabrication. Radiant Fabrication's Lionhead 3D Printer and 3D Scanner

As a kid, my brother Chip dreamed of having a manual milling machine and building a jetpack. Yet we worked with Dremel tools, balsa wood, soldering irons, Cox 0.049 engines and speakers. On Saturday we'd make our rounds to collect the stuff for our projects, from hobby stores, surplus shops and a local auction. Later we discovered computers, but even then could we have envisioned making parts this way? I just don't think so.

Today everybody who works with electronics and mechanical... More