iPad to ActivityBot Open Propeller Project: iPad to ActivityBot
iOS Control of Propeller through TechBASIC: Welcome to our first Open Propeller Project! This project stems from a prior effort we launched in the Parallax Discussion Forums - programming a Propeller from an iPad and a movement quietly underway by banjo, unsoundcode... More
Open Propeller Project Open Propeller Project

You’ve all made tremendous contributions to the Parallax community through the years. You’ve enabled Parallax to continue our Propeller 2 Research and Development by providing most of what the community needs to use Propeller 1. Your efforts include developing the C compiler, translating OpenSpin, specifying the Propeller 2 design, numerous WizNet examples, the MacBS2 program, the SIDE C programming environment, educational curriculum, over a dozen established programming languages... More

Sample Google Code Downloads page Parallax Maintains Support for Binary Downloads from Open Source Projects
Parallax has a number of active open source software projects such as Propeller GCC, SimpleIDE, and OpenSpin.  These projects have been hosted via Google Code since conception, and binary builds of each system have been delivered through Google Code's Downloads section... More
Andy Lindsay and an Arlo robot Run ActivityBot C Code in the Arlo!
Teachers have asked Parallax for larger robots and curriculum to support them. While we’ve always had the larger robot now known as the Arlo Robotic Platform System, we haven’t had much in the way of code support. 
About a month ago, we gave Andy Lindsay a full Arlo platform mounted up with a few HB-25s and Propeller ActivityBoard. If you don’t know Andy,... More
University of Tennessee Graduate Robotics Team University of Tennessee Graduate Robotics Team
The IEEE Graduate Robotics Team at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is a self-organized group of graduate students who seek to participate in major robotics competitions.  In April 2013, our team won 1st Place in the IEEE SoutheastCon 2013 Open Hardware Competition hosted in Jacksonville, FL.  This competition tasked students with designing a robot that could complete a loading dock delivery task.  This required the robot to perform tasks relating to image processing, navigation... More