iPad and ActivityBot Parallax to Support iPad/iPhone-based Propeller Application Downloads to Propeller Multicore and ActivityBot Devices

Parallax is planning to support iOS (iPhone and iPad) Propeller Application downloads to the Propeller. I’ll mostly refer to iPads in this post since they offer the most useful coding and editing environment, but the work described pertains to both hardware platforms. As you read through this post, keep in mind our end goal is to support this in education – and that the tools must be very simple, reliable, and mostly free of setup. If you’re an educator, you could skip to the bottom and... More

Sand Mountain Robotic Initiative Sand Mountain Robotic Initiative Uses Parallax Products to Teach STEM
In northeast Alabama, Sand Mountain borders the State of Tennessee to the north and Georgia to the northeast, a plateau some twenty miles wide and sixty miles long extending to the southwest.  As many lower Appalachian communities, Sand Mountain is an economically depressed region of the seventh poorest state in America, but on Sand Mountain, We Have A Plan!  
Sand Mountain has nine K12 and seven K8 schools in Jackson and DeKalb County and we are... More
Daniel Harris at the Placer County STEM Exposition Parallax attends our local Placer County STEM Exposition at William Jessup University
Parallax is located in the heart of Placer County, which stretches from the suburbs of Sacramento to Nevada. Placer County is a fast-growing region with over 30% population growth in the last 12 years. At first, the rapid growth here seemed to be considered some kind of population overflow from the San Francisco Bay Area, but the draw of Placer County has far more to do with the natural environment and ties to community. 
The Placer County 2014 STEM Exposition (... More
Propeller 2 Schedule Update - February 2014 Propeller 2 Schedule Update (February 2014) - Read the schedule for completion of the Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller.
As you know, this has taken us a long time to finish. Having worked with Chip and his team for almost 20 years now, we’re really excited about what lies ahead. The best Parallax products (PIC Programmer, BASIC Stamp, Propeller chip, Boe-Bot) have taken the most time to make them reliable, easy to use, and rewarding for our customers. But this time we’ve also experienced a big learning process that paralleled the development cycle. Through several fabrication runs and a few failed... More
Aluminum parts in the milling machine Machine Shop News: Super ELEV-8
Something SUPER is brewing in the machine shop here at Parallax. And it is sure to ELEV-8 your genius...
If you didn't know by now, Parallax is in the final prototype stages of getting a Super ELEV-8 Quadcopter Kit ready for production. Earlier prototype versions of the Super ELEV-8 have already taken multiple awards at recent quadcopter competitions and we have only improved on the design. We think you will be happy with ... More