Book by Jon Titus: Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart Download the new book by Jon Titus: Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart

Accomplished engineer, author, and educator Jon Titus has produced a collection of 23 in-depth. Spin-language experiments for the Propeller Quickstart board (#40000); available through Parallax as a free PDF download! Whether you are new to the Propeller, new to the Quickstart, or new to electronics and programming in general, this book has something for you. 

"Experiments for the Propeller Quickstart" is more than an introductory guide. Its emphasis on understanding... More

Put an L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Attachment on your S2 Robot Put an L-Cheapo Laser Cutter Attachment on your S2 Robot: Smoke, goggles and robotics made a fun Sunday afternoon

Last week I received an “L-Cheapo Laser Attachment” from Matteo Borri of Robots Everywhere. Matteo has been using the Propeller Multicore since it’s release for robots and autonomous catarafts. Matteo’s L-Cheapo was designed to be mounted on a 3D printer so you could cut plastic, wood or whatever you think 2000 mW could cut. ... More

Microcontroller Workshop Sign Up Page 4-Day Microcontroller Educators Course at Great Bay Community College, NH. Register now for this July 20-23, 2015 course!

If you’re a middle school, high school or college-level educator who’s been wanting to receive some training with Parallax microcontrollers, we’ve teamed up with Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to run the most complete four-day course ever planned - and we’ve run over 250 courses! Take this course and you’ll be fully prepared for your own Fall courses. The focus is on robotics, sensors, electronics and several programming... More

Propeller in real-life PAC-MAN Bud Light Super Bowl XLIX Commercial Multicore Propeller used in real-life PAC-MAN Bud Light Super Bowl XLIX Commercial! Preview the commercial and tell your friends how it works.

Parallax customers have a reason to grab a Bud Light and enjoy this year’s Super Bowl game, knowing that their 100% open source Propeller 1 Multicore Microcontroller is a key component in the Bud Light PAC-MAN commercial. Rick Galinson and Legacy Effects of Los Angeles contributed to the life-sized PAC-MAN game where unaware contenders munch pellets while being chased by Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Winners get a Bud Light and the scene erupts into an intense party. Legacy Effects is... More

Propeller Activity Board WX Wireless Programming and Propeller Activity Board WX: Software and hardware developers are making big progress!

A customer on the forums asked about our progress on wireless programming progress for the Propeller. It’s been possible to program a Propeller over WiFi and XBee 802.15.4 RF links for quite some time, but it requires new programming tools and hardware designs to make this really beneficial for our customers. It’s the perfect demonstration of engineering - 90% of the fun is making a prototype work, but 90% of the work is bringing it to the market.

Educators have... More