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Shipping over a thousand packages!

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 12 December, 2013 0 comments
Thank you to all of our customers who’ve placed more than a thousand on-line orders since Cyber Monday! Our shipping department has done an amazing triage with a variety of circumstances, including: international destinations with customs paperwork, distributor stocking orders, and special packages for our growing Asian educational customer base. Robin, Kyle, Sherice, and Jen are like a well-coordinated orchestra with each person knowing how to work with and around one another. And they’re getting this all done without delay - most orders are shipping the same day!
What kinds of things are you buying?
Here's a quick run down, with December’s most popular products up top:
  • Boe-Bot Robot Kits. We’ve sold over a half-million units since this product was introduced, and sales continue to be strong.  Whether you're equipping a classroom or gifting family or friends with the joy of robotics, the Boe-Bot remains the leader in introductory robotics kits.
  • P8X32A-Q44. Production customers are placing some big orders! We’re seeing trends in renewable energy, terminal systems, and robotics.  
  • Scribbler 2 (S2) robot. These are on sale at $99.00 and you’re buying more than normal, and we’ll have enough to meet your demand through Christmas. Educational orders are stocking classrooms and parents are giving robotics as a gift (be sure to order the version with the USB adapter). Parallax takes delivery of another 40’ container of 3,500 units in early January.
  • ActivityBot robot. We’re receiving feedback that high schools and universities are incorporating this product into their Winter quarter and Spring semester classes. Kitting department is building these in 250-500 unit jobs. 
  • Propeller Activity Board. We’re quickly coming up on 3,000 units shipped since its introduction in May. Get one for yourself and a friend - robust tutorials on provide all you need to get started with programming a multicore microcontroller! SimpleIDE runs on anything from a Mac to a Raspberry Pi.  Stay turned as the Education team works to complete more Propeller C libraries with examples around I2C, serial, and VGA - all as a result of your requests. I can’t think of a better investment in one’s self or a gift for fifty bucks. We all need something productive to do when the relatives arrive anyway, right?
  • ELEV-8 multicopters. Or as the media has labeled them: drones! Seems our customers can’t get enough ELEV-8s, so they’ll be happy to soon see pictures of the upcoming ELEV-8 Super. The big brother can lift a hefty ten pounds. We’ll be screening customers carefully before we sell ELEV-8 Supers due to training and safety considerations. No release date yet.
  • Wireless and Sensors. Humidity, temperature, color, vibration, ultrasonic, infrared, Bluetooth, XBee - you know what you like. 
The mix of Parallax products being sold reflects two key areas of focus around the Propeller: education and commercial, and we can focus our research development efforts accordingly. Education has not only been a passion in our company since 1997, but also a very stable and consistent consumer. Even the sales cycles of these two customer types go together nicely: educational customers may plan to use our products in their courses a semester before classes start, high-volume commercial uses of the Propeller involve long product development cycles. 
As you take delivery of your December Parallax shipments, know how much we appreciate your business. When you spend your money at Parallax you’re investing in our collective future, the Propeller 2. Though we’re eight years into development, Chip is rounding up the final design details and we’re planning another foundry run - a visit to the Parallax forums provides live updates. 
Please also give us the opportunity to support our products with the best service and technical support you might expect. We are building almost all of our products in our Rocklin, California, facility with the highest quality design, components and fabrication processes we can offer. Expect the best in this regard and feel free to exercise your 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty.