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Machine Shop News: Swivel Block

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 01 December, 2013 0 comments
Parallax has an incredible in-house machine shop to build robotic components. Right now we are milling the swivel block, one of the three milled components used to make our Caster Wheel Kit used in the Arlo Robotic Platform System.
The swivel block requires three operations to complete.  In photo #2 you can see the first and second operations running in our HAAS Super Mini Mill in two separate vises in one program. Many of our machined parts that we make require up to four separate operations to finally get our finished part. Photos #3 and #4 show the third operation being performed. In between each operation we always run our parts through a quality control inspection.
The bearings in this particular part require a very tight tolerance, so in order to get it to fit right we make incremental adjustments at the machine down to a thousandth of an inch to compensate for ongoing tool wear.
After the parts pass inspection they are sent out for a nice clear anodized finish, and are then kitted up in a box with all the other components and placed on the warehouse shelves for some lucky person to purchase.
Kenneth Glass
Parallax Machinist