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Chip Gracey, Parallax Founder, Talks Open Source at MIT

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 08 October, 2013 0 comments

It takes a village to raise a microcontroller.  So, how does Chip Gracey design a microcontroller with a small design team?  He involves the entire community.

Chip recently spoke on the topic at the 2013 Open Hardware Summit, held in the Kresge Auditorium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Propeller Microcontroller, and its upcoming successor, are designed for use in open-source hardware applications, and Parallax’s development boards for the Propeller microcontroller are released as open hardware designs.

Because Parallax doesn’t require non-disclosure agreements to get technical information about its products, Chip is able to post in-depth information about the next Propeller microcontroller while he is working on it, and get immediate feedback.

Developers can even emulate the new microcontroller on an FPGA and try out the design before it is in production.

Unfortunately, there was a technical problem during the streaming and recording of Chip's talk, but here are the presentation slides.

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