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Introduce an Educator to Parallax

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 11 July, 2013 0 comments

Many of your interests were developed at a young age. Take my brother Chip, for example. In the early 80’s the Timex Sinclair, Commodore 64, VIC-20, and Apple II computers captured his attention. Add in some trips to RadioShack, pizza and Pepsi, and a very productive engineering career was hatched by age 12. The following years brought video game design, software cracking, PIC programming tools, the BASIC Stamp, the Propeller – well, you already know the story.

Chances are somebody also introduced you to microcontrollers and electronics. The simple act of sharing what you enjoy will influence students. You could inspire new engineers, new products, and career choices.

If you volunteer your time to share with a teacher, we’d be honored to provide the hardware and provide you a store credit in return. It takes a teacher to share with students, so you’ll need to find a teacher who’s open to robotics.

Based on your audience, please choose the S2 robot, the Boe-Bot, or the Propeller ActivityBot. All of you know how to program Parallax products, and you know where to find the on-line resources. So I couldn’t think of a better group to make an introduction.

-Ken Gracey

Program Details:

This progam is not currently active. Please keep an eye out for upcoming programs and offers from Parallax.