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Introducing Propeller C in Taiwan

  • By: Jessica Uelmen Published: 01 May, 2013 0 comments

Taiwan has been a fervent supporter of Parallax products for over six years. Our distributor, PlayRobot, does an excellent job supporting the local universities with their Parallax Certified Professional program. In Tawain, BASIC Stamps reign supreme!

Last month, Ken & I presented our new Propeller C educational program to students and professors at three universities: National Tsing-Hwa University, National Chiao Tung University, and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. After all, it’s time for the Propeller to reign supreme! In total, we provided hands-on training to about 60 teachers and students, with very positive results.

Of course each presentation ended with an ELEV-8 flying demonstration with Ken’s beast of a quadcopter. Amazingly each flight went flawlessly, considering all parts were stuck in customs until only hours before the presentation – leaving no time for a test flight.

After each presentation, the hosting professors would graciously give us tours of their labs. There’s some very interesting and exciting research happening in Taiwan: from personal care robotics to coordinated aerial and ground-based robotics.

In all, we’re very grateful to Robert and Jelly of PlayRobot for arranging such fantastic opportunities. We left each student and professor excited about and eager for our new Propeller Education program. Stay tuned for more information on that front!