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Sparkfun LilyPad eTextiles Workshop at Parallax Headquarters

  • By: Published: 29 October, 2012 0 comments

On Wednesday October 24th the Sparkfun team showed up at the Parallax Inc headquarters in Rocklin, CA to teach their eTextiles class using the Arduino Lilypad. Locals interested in getting started with electronic textiles as well as some Parallaxians gathered together for the class. The class taught by Sparkfun’s Jeff Branson, started with an introduction into programming the Arduino Lilypad. After a few hours honing our programming chops we were able to sew some lightning bug swatches with sew-able LEDs and stainless steel conductive thread. There were a lot of laughs. We would like thank everyone who joined us for the class last night as well as the Sparkfun team for putting us on their West Coast tour.