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Parallax in New York!

  • By: Published: 12 October, 2012 0 comments

Parallax's David Carrier presented at the Open Hardware Summit 2012 in New York this year. We greatly enjoyed all the talks at the OHS. David's talk was entitled "Finding the Limits of Open Hardware" and starts at minute 10:45 of this video.

Parallax also attended Maker Faire which started a day later (September 29 & 30). We had some booth space filled with demos, flew ELEV-8 quadcopters, and sold products through the Maker Shed. As an added bonus, our booth received two Maker Faire Editor’s Choice awards! Our hands-on displays showed the Propeller Board of Education controlling various Parallax sensors modules.

The Elev-8 quadcopters were a hit as usual. Crowds filled the talk area in the Maker Shed to ask questions and see our Tech Support team (Nick & Kevin) give flight demonstrations. Nick & Kevin also drew a crowd with their new side project, electronic skateboards. The boards use the Propeller BOE and can go up to 40 mph (but are thankfully not rigged to go that fast). Arm bands provide an easy way for a rider to direct the board. Conjuring up thoughts of the hover boards from the 'Back to the Future' films, by the end of the night many attendees wanted to own their own board.