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Parallax Roadtrip to Make Headquarters

  • By: Published: 07 September, 2012 0 comments

The Parallax team jumped in the van on Wednesday September 5th and headed to the O’Reilly Media headquarters in Sebastopol, California to spend the day with the Make team.

After an easy drive over from the Parallax headquarters in Rocklin we headed upstairs for a tour of the Make offices. Kevin and Nick from our Tech Support team quickly joined in with the Make engineers to talk 3D printing.

After the tour we headed out to the back lawn to fly ELEV-8 quadcopters for the Project Make students that came by from a nearby school. The students were introduced to the multi-core Propeller chip that seamlessly controls the many systems of the flying robot. After trying to catch eggs that were dropped from the ELEV-8 quadcopters, Ken showed the students his fleet of Propeller Boe-Bot robots that autonomously cruised the patio playing music and avoiding obstacles using ultrasonic distance sensors. After another trip upstairs for lunch with the Make Magazine crew we entertained another group of Project Make students with our flying spectacle of quadcopters and prototype flying robots.

Later in the day we joined the Make team in their live Google hangout where we talked shop about the ELEV-8 quad and hex copters, Propeller Boe-Bot and Eddie robots, as well as provided streaming aerial footage of the Make offices from the quadcopters. We even got to answer some questions from hangout participants.

The Parallax team had a fantastic time spending the day with the Make crew and we are so thankful for the opportunity to come share our robots