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Celebrating Parallax's Silver Anniversary

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Today (September 4, 2012) is Parallax's 25th Anniversary. Us Parallaxians will celebrate here at headquarters, and we have some smashing specials for you to enjoy (because you are the reason we are still here today).

I arrived at Parallax 15 years ago, fresh out of University. I was interviewed by two tall trees (Ken Gracey and Jeff Martin), and was immediately in awe at how fun a workplace could be. I still am. There are so many talented and smart people working here too. I have also learned more about microcontrollers and robots than I would have thought possible. 1997 was the same year we launched Stamps In Class, our educational program. Parallax is still coming up with new ways to teach electronics education. If you have not yet visited - you are in for a treat.

Here are some thoughts from fellow Parallaxians on what they love about Parallax:

"I like the fact that Parallax is a family held company. We know who our bosses are and they are the best! Being here 20 years I can attest to that. Our products are unique and we all have a voice in what type of products we make. Our ideas are welcome. People we work with can be kind of quirky and I mean that in a good way – fun people make it a fun place to work."    - Chantal Woods-Jones

"I’ve been here as a temp employee for six months & a new hire to Parallax for two months!! I love the family-friendly atmosphere here ~ we can laugh @ be ourselves, enjoy the in-house flying ELEV-8 'copters whizzing around, or the bots roaming the hallways, and enjoy our work. (A lot of people cannot say that they even like their job). For my years of working with Federal & City government, this has been the best job assignment by far."    - Mari Hunt-Hartman

"I enjoy Mr. Chuck Gracey's daily visits."    - Sue

“I love the people here. There’s a sense of teamwork that sometimes ebbs and flows, but for the most part, we ultimately end up coming together for the common goal. And I have yet to have gotten “stuck”, and not been able to get some help or encouragement from a fellow compatriot. Integrity is also really important here, and I like knowing that we’re not “all show” – we’re honest with the customer, and they know it – it’s a trust that many companies don’t nurture nor experience."    - MattG

"I love seeing the expressions of excitement and fascination on people’s faces when they both see our products for the first time and share their own inventions using Parallax products. To know I contributed to that moment is a great feeling and so rewarding."    - Karen Arneson

“As a customer of Parallax for many years I always enjoyed the excellent customer service and support. As an employee I have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that have allowed me to be a contributing factor to the company’s products, support and success.”    - Chris Savage

"When you’re a “Parallaxian” you have support from your co-workers and the company owners to share ideas, expand your education/skills, take calculated risks, and care for your family. I’m so thankful to have this support and am proud to be a Parallaxian."    -Bonnie Teuton

"It’s inspiring to be surrounded by such agile minds. After 10 years here I still learn several new things every day. And, lunchroom conversations are always interesting and often hilarious!"    -Stephanie Lindsay

"I love Parallax for the decision making authority that management empowers us all with, and because you can learn anything you want and the learning resources are almost endless."    - Thomas Bauer

"Over the years I have had the privilege to work with almost all of the people involved in what might be considered the 'Parallax Experience.' I've played my roles in Shipping, Marketing, IT, and other facets of this organization which all strive to maintain our customer-friendly atmosphere. I've seen how we store, handle, and prepare the delivery of our products; I know how we plan, prepare deals, and try to find ways to get the greatest savings for our customers, and I've worked behind the scenes helping to convey the principles of this business to our friends, hobbyists, and the electronics-savvy community. We not only sell a wide-array of goods, but we reach many diverse customer bases which can be a struggle but we're willing to see our product along. I've seen Parallax grow over the years and I've seen our affect on the community; I am proud to be a part of what Parallax stands for, and I will try my hardest to continue helping it grow."    -Bump Jacobs

"I couldn't think of a better company to work for or better people to work with!"    - Carolyn Montzingo

"We all work very hard but the great thing is we do this within an environment that fosters knowledge and experimentation for anyone who wishes to do so. You can even work in the machine shop with two really cool electrical engineers that share their skills."    -Matt Huntzinger

"I have always appreciated our great group at Parallax, and our enthusiasm that shows in our products. We’ve certainly had our share of crazy, roller-coaster moments, and plenty of tough work to complete, but the best is always the honor of seeing the many happy customer e-mails, voice mails, and personal ‘thank you’s that it brings. We pass those around like candy!"    - Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin pointed out recently that the original BASIC Stamp came out nearly 20 years ago. Happy birthday to you too, BASIC Stamp!

We have a lot of exciting things to share with you in the coming year. Thank you for being a part of it!


Cheers, Jen J.