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Parallax President and Managers visit Chinese Factory to Ensure Quality

  • By: Published: 11 June, 2012 0 comments

Since our Chinese factory was finishing up another 3,500 Scribbler 2 robots last month, we decided to personally inspect the shipment to have the extra confidence that every robot worked correctly. A manufacturing run waiting in China would bring our total S2 build to 13,500 units. With lots of inventory at stake, Parallax Hong Kong staff John Zhou, Raymond Xiao, and Aristides Alvarez took Jessica Uelmen (Engineering Manager) and myself to the Shenzhen factory to do our own tests.

After a noodle breakfast we arrived at the factory and were greeted in typical Chinese fashion by a large friendly group, anxious to please us with their work. The factory staff let us randomly select S2s from the passed batch of pallets so we could retest according to the specification. The factory indicated that they’ve evolved the robot build process nicely. That’s a relevant point considering the Scribbler 2 requires several injection molded parts, a pick-and-place/reflow process, careful through-hole sensor placement, an assortment of sensors and a complete computer test.

Every robot functioned perfectly and we approved the container to ship to Parallax! Programming robots can pose some challenges, so it can be important to isolate problems to code and power supply and not wonder if the robot is defective in some way. Our engineering team of Phil Pilgrim and Ben Wirz made no design shortcuts in this project.

I can personally attest to the fact that the S2 robots are 100% functional and will withstand most of what students will subject them to.

We hope to see those pallets arrive in Rocklin, CA soon!

-Ken Gracey