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ROBOTC for Arduino BETA release, trying it with the BOE Shield-Bot

  • By: Published: 02 June, 2012 0 comments

ROBOTC for Arduino was released in May, according to this announcement.

Today I downloaded this public BETA release (120-day free trial!) to see how it works with the BOE Shield-Bot. I was surprised to find our blue Boe-Bot cousin right on the About screen!

As a relative newbie to the Arduino and to C, I found the software interface to be quite nice. The download includes several example programs, and I started by experimenting with continuous rotation servos. I soon saw that the default examples for the Uno and Duemilanove are using digital pins 9 and 10, while the BOE Shield-Bot construction directions use pins 13 and 12. Fortunately, with just a little poking around in the software I quickly figured out how to adjust both the servo connections and the software; I've posted instructions here. My Shield-Bot was following lists of navigation instructions within a few minutes.

If anyone test-drives ROBOTC for Arduino BETA with their BOE Shield-Bot, let us know how it goes!

-Stephanie Lindsay