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DIY Portable Radio

  • By: Published: 13 October, 2011 0 comments

Eddie robots are moving, RadioShack shipment went out, and we've been rocking along on portable radios made using the P8X32A QuickStart board and FM Radio module. We love the QuickStart board and we really want to show off its capabilities; we're producing documentation, guides, and other instructional projects to get the word out on this handy little board. The first project we've put together for the QuickStart board highlights how easy it is to not only make a pretty cool device, but also access the P8X32A's audio performance.

You may already have a lot of what you need to participate in this little example, but if not the two major components can be purchased at our online store.

Here's what you will need:

If you have all that you need, or even if you don't, the next step is to watch this video made by Jess before she went off to Maker Faire NY a few weeks ago. It was our intention to showcase this DIY kit at that time; however a shipping mishap prevented us from doing this, and although it wasn't our fault we do apologize because it would have been fantastic. I guess we'll just have to have something more spectacular next time!