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Eddie Build Party!

  • By: Published: 01 October, 2011 0 comments

It’s Friday, Friday, time for an Eddie Build Party! Everyone’s looking forward to this robot, robot.

For the last two days, Parallaxians have been busy assembling Eddies to prepare for our ship date next week. We’ve got a top-notch assembly team who has the assembly process down to a science - pooling resources from almost every department to get this job done.

The process starts with building the Motor Mount & Wheel and Caster Wheel kits before moving on to mounting them onto Eddie’s base. We then mount the batteries & battery trays before our team then splits in two: some members build wire harnesses while others assemble Ping))) and IR protector stands. Then it's time to mount the stands to the base and, voila, we have an almost functional Eddie!

Pictures from are build party are included today. We're still building the Eddie control boards and will integrate them early next week.

We must say that it’s a pretty awesome sight to walk into our training room and see 30 mostly assembled Eddies sprawled out across the tables. Just one more week until we ship, have you preordered yet?