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Parallax - Makey Winner of the Best Education/Outreach Program!

  • By: Published: 16 September, 2011 0 comments

We are very excited to announce that Parallax has won the Makey Award for the best Education/Outreach program!

Jessica Uelmen, Parallax Engineering Manager, is particularly skilled at creating engaging, step-by-step video tutorials. She shows how to get started with fun, “Do it Yourself” electronics projects. Using Parallax Education products such as the popular BASIC Stamp Activity Kit, Jessica introduces the basics of breadboarding, wiring circuits from schematics, microcontroller programming, and more.

Jessica’s videos also highlight beginner-friendly Parallax robots. Her S2 robot playlist gives viewers a sneak a peek inside the hard case, demonstrate how to write your name, deliver a message, play music and even do the hokey pokey dance. Her Stamps in Class playlist also features the Boe-Bot Robot navigating with sensors and solving mazes.

We’re particularly proud of Jessica, and the Parallax Education programs!

The Parallax Stamps in Class and Propeller Education programs provide kits, textbooks and training videos that feature engaging, project-based microcontroller lessons. Hands-on activities introduce electronics, robotics, sensors, and programming—technology literacy for future inventors. Parallax Educational materials are used by DIY hobbyists, students, engineers, and schools ranging from junior high STEM to university programs.