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Parallax has a long-standing committment to providing teachers, students, DIY-ers, and engineers with high-quality, affordable educational resources. Our microcontroller development boards, robotics kits, sensors, and accessories are backed with our free tutorials, free programming software, and free technical support.


STEM Programs

Our kits and tutorials bring STEM topics — science, technology, education, and mathematics — to life.

Learning to Program — It’s more interesting with a microcontroller! Options include programming with graphics or basic text for beginners, and multicore programming for advanced students.

Robotics — Start with the pre-built S2 robot to focus on programming and navigation.  Or, choose a robot kit to include construction and circuit-building.  Additional robot add-ons and sensors can add fun and functionality for advanced projects and competitions.

Inventing with Electronics — Equip your students to go from idea to invention. First, inspire them with projects and contest winners on our Learn site. Then, once they've grasped the fundamentals with our Education Kits, they are ready to combine sensors, displays, and input devices to create their own projects.

BSA Robotics Merit Badge — The Boe-Bot robot kit is a recommended platform for this badge.  We’ve condensed our most popular tutorial into an online mini-course to help Scouts complete the requirements in “Section 4: Design, build, program, test.” See the Merit Badge Counselor Info page on our Learn site for details.


Support for Teachers

Educators Courses — We offer hands-on microcontroller immersion workshops for teachers of all kinds, taught by Parallax engineers. View the Calendar for the current schedule.

Great Examples — Meet our Featured Teachers, inspiring educators who share their best tips for success with Parallax robots and microcontrollers in their classrooms.

Forums — Ask questions and exchange ideas in our Forums. Be sure to visit the Education Forum and the Stamps in Class 'Mini Projects.'   The private Educator Forum for teachers of all types has additional resources; email for access.

Translations — Select books authored and published by Parallax are available as free PDFs in different languages.

Learn Web Site — Our Learn website includes tutorials, projects, and classroom challenge ideas that make it easy to develop STEM curricula.

Custom Kits — We can provide Custom Kits tailored to your specific course.  Contact Sales to discuss pricing and development.


Parallax Copyright and Software Policies

Books and tutorials that are both authored and published by Parallax Inc. are available as free web content or pdf downloads, and may be duplicated as long they are used exclusively with Parallax microcontrollers and products for educational purposes, and the student is charged no more than the cost of duplication. No site license is required for the download, duplication and installation of Parallax software for personal or educational use on as many school or student computers as needed. Some third-party software packages available from this site may have end-user license agreements.  See our Software Policy Memo for details.