Meet Our Team

Ken GraceyKen Gracey - President

Ken Gracey is Parallax's President. He has, in the past, managed almost every department and he continues to be one of Parallax's biggest cheerleaders. Ken's enthusiasm and optimism is positively contagious. One can always tell when Ken is in the office - he thrives on making things happen and makes sure everyone is having fun while getting the job done.

Ken is at the core of Parallax's customer-centric focus and advocate of manufacturing the highest quality products possible in our Rocklin, California office. Ken started Parallax's microcontroller education program in 1997. 
In his spare time Ken builds robots, runs his own week-long whitewater expeditions, and enjoys outdoor activities throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains. Most importantly he's a proud dad of two very tall boys who share many of the same interests.

Chip GraceyChip Gracey - Founder, Director of Research & Development

Chip Gracey is Parallax's founder and Director of Research and Development. Chip works with a layout engineer to create our unique multicore chips. He's entirely self-taught and has been designing development systems for professionals since the age of 14. At Parallax, Chip has designed many microcontroller tools, the BASIC Stamp microcontroller, and now the multicore Propeller microcontroller.

Chip, his wife, and their five children live on an orchard in Northern California. He likes farming, cooking, and building/refurbishing commercial food equipment. At home, he doesn't care for any more technology than a light switch.

Jen Fabrizio - Inventory and Warehouse Manager

Jen Fabrizio is Parallax’s Inventory and Warehouse Manager. For over ten years Jen has been a consistent contributor to our behind-the-scenes operation. Out of school Jen’s first job at Parallax was to manually test and program thousands of chips a day, while listening to piles of CDs. Today her role is to run our warehouse, kitting, shipping and manage all aspects of our Rocklin and Asian physical inventories. Her history at Parallax proves useful in all of our new projects, helping us get the job accomplished right the first time.Jen feels a special connection to our customers and has pride in our packaging and final presentation. She adds “I have had a lot of great opportunities at Parallax and was able to test my skills in several departments throughout the years – I am excited to see what happens next!”Jen enjoys spending her free time and dinners with family and friends. This comes as no surprise to people who’ve met Jen. She’s a high-spirited, positive and enthusiastic cornerstone in Parallax.

Andy Lindsay

Andy Lindsay - Application Engineer and Educational Author

Andy is a key part of the education team at Parallax . He has been extremely influential in developing many of the educational kits and books. He is the author of the "What's a Microcontroller Book," and the "Robotics with the Boe-Bot text" that are both part of our top selling educational kits. He also authored four other Stamps In Class textbooks and developed the Propeller Education Kit & Labs among others. If it has to do with Parallax Education, Andy has had his hand in it.

Andy started at Parallax in 1999 as an intern and was hired immediately after he graduated with his B.S. EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering). He found Parallax while working on his electronics engineering senior design project (a pair of glasses that can be worn to control a mouse). A power supply he had checked out from the lab malfunctioned and fried his first BASIC Stamp. At the time, he was really unhappy because not only was his microcontroller damaged, but he also missed an interim project deadline at school because of it. He says, "I didn’t know that when I brought that BASIC Stamp back to Parallax for a discounted replacement, I would find out about an internship opening. That’s how I got started at Parallax. If anyone had told me that damaging my first microcontroller and missing an interim design review for my senior project would be a career defining moment, I would never have guessed that it would result in the coolest job ever, working for Parallax using both software and electronic hardware to invent all manner of cool gizmos and gadgets."Andy enjoys electronics hobby, kayaking, and skateboarding when he is not busy writing or developing a new educational kit.

Bonnie Teuton

Bonnie Teuton - Human Resources & Office Manager

Bonnie Teuton has been the Human Resources and Office Manager at Parallax since 2003. She has a B.S. and her HR career began at a video game design company in San Luis Obispo. Bonnie is responsible for payroll, recruiting, office management, health care benefits, and organizing company events. Bonnie's sense of humor and friendly nature makes her the perfect fit for her role here at Parallax. Bonnie says, "I love working at Parallax. During my first week at Parallax I was learning about the payroll process and talking on the phone with the recruiter that placed me here. I said, “Tina, there is this really weird sound outside my office… it kind of sounds like marching.” And there came a parade of Toddler robots, toddling along… it was awesome… it was then that I knew that I was at the right place!"

Bonnie likes to be outside and enjoy all seasons: snowboarding, hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, and lots of golf. Her husband, son and daughter keep her very busy these days.