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Building My Own Solar Powered Raft

  • By: Tech Support Published: 16 October, 2013 2 comments

This summer I hosted the Parallax Summer Hangouts. The purpose of the hangout was to create a support environment, where people could bring in their projects and gather ideas and assistance from the people that attended. I really wanted to have a project of my own that would be perfect for the summer time. So, I decided to create a homemade raft. It started off with a couple of dredge pontoons that I had in my back yard and of course grew from there. My motor was controlled using the Propeller Mini and I was able to keep my batteries charged using the 34 watt Solar Panel Kit.

These were the requirements:

  • Had to fit in my truck
  • Assembly time was no more than 1 hour
  • Powered by an electric motor
  • Solar rechargeable
  • Had to support and sleep 2 people
  • Had to be safe

By the end of the summer I met all my goals. On this maiden voyage we went a total of 10.3 miles and stayed overnight on the raft. Check out the video showing a small tour of the raft as we motored our way up a local reservoir.




Thank you for viewing. I didn't make any schematics. If you would like any advice or help with a similar build I'd be more than happy to talk to you. I can be reached here at Parallax. (916) 624-8333