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Free PIR Rev.A sensor!

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 27 January, 2014 1 comments
Place an online order and receive a free PIR Rev.A sensor! Years ago Parallax used to offer “Bump’s Bargain Basement” - a promotion where we’d closeout product lines with fantastic prices. Several of you have asked us to bring Bump’s deals back, so I’ve got him here for a guest appearance. Just take a look at the photos above as he tests out our PIR Sensor Rev.A. 
Bump has been here for ten years and moved through several positions here starting with Manager of Interns as a high school student, Marketing Assistant while at the university, and now Web Programmer. Normally he’s programming our Drupal framework, upgrading our forums, telling our Marketing people what’s possible or improving our shopping cart. In other words, you don’t get to see him in public very often. So, I’m proud to announce that today Bump comes out for a guest appearance with this enticing deal:
Place an online order on any value and receive a free PIR Sensor Rev.A, courtesy of Bump.
We’ve got about 3,500 of these sensors in stock and the details are here: So what’s wrong with them? Nothing! They’re just not the newer PIR Sensor Rev.B, which drives a load, has 3.3 V operation, and is more breadboard-friendly. This morning I hooked a PIR Sensor Rev.A to a BASIC Stamp 2, programmed it from my Mac, and we played around for at least a half hour as we walked in the office, out of the office, then back into the office, all while waving arms like a couple of monkeys.
How do you get a free PIR Sensor Rev.A? Just be one of the next 3,000+ people to place an on-line order. We’ll add the sensor to your package from the shipping area. You don’t add it to your cart or do anything else - it’ll just be put into your box. Wondering if we still have them for the giveaway? Just check our inventory levels on the PIR Rev.A here:
You can plug these into the corner of your breadboard (a capacitor limits the options), but these are going to be easier to connect to any Parallax development boards if you buy some of our 3-pin sensor extension cables:
If you can’t make a decision about which length of cable to buy, Jessica is about to throw them into a super kit of many sizes. This way, a ~$30 kit will satisfy your lifetime needs for 3-pin sensor extension cables. Expect to see this kit in February 2014. 
Give a shout out to Bump for showing up with this great deal. Thanks, Bump!
- Ken Gracey 


THANKS Been with you guys for a long time, getting competitive out there, time to move to the next step. Whatever that is - better ask Apple!