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Thanks to our incredible manufacturing crew

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 02 October, 2013 1 comments
Friday, October 4th is Manufacturing Day! 
Manufacturing Day is a moment when we will have a chance to collectively show the public what modern manufacturing looks like and how important it is to our economy and society.
Parallax is joining other manufacturing companies around the U.S. to celebrate our own manufacturing abilities and our incredible manufacturing staff. We take pride in our work and proud to make some of the best products around for you!  
This is our first year participating in Manufacturing Day. To celebrate, Parallax is holding a private luncheon in honor of our manufacturing staff. We have invited their families to join us and tour the facility. 

To find out more about Manufacturing Day, visit:
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Just ordered one, fun to watch it being made. Nice to know there are real people in a lot of the assembly process.